Bones and clacium & phosphate homeostasis

Among many functions that skeletal system has in human body, providing a storage for calcium and phosphate for the entire body is largely overlooked.

Statement that bones are a reservoir of calcium (Ca2+)and phosphate (P) is simple and very accurate. However, the processes that regulate this function are not as simple. There is still much to be learnt about how body regulates plasma levels of two vital elements. This website was designed to discuss what is known to date about those complex and intriguing mechanisms. Any impairment at any level of control of Ca2+ and P levels may lead to disease and result in death.


 ThisBasic schematic representatio of bones as a reservoir of Ca and P ilustration is a most basic schematic representation of how bones fit into calcium and phosphate homeostasis.

 A short index of the website:

Homeostasis - gives information on how Ca2+ and P levels are maintained.

Bones - provides information on composition, structure and phenomenon of remodelling of a bone.

Hormones - this section is packed with information on hormones that govern Ca2+ and P homeostasis. Vitamin D is also considered in this section.

Diseases - discussion of diseases that affect directly or indirectly calcium and phosphate levels.

 Glossary - provides a list of all key words and phrases with brief explanation.

References & Links - provides bibliography.

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Wojciech Stec